Guest Post Guidelines

PLEASE NOTE: Teaching and Technology has recently revised it guest post guidelines to be stricter. Please read through the new guidelines carefully.
I rarely accept guest posts.  You are more than welcome to submit an article you wrote specifically for Teaching & Technology.  Submission does not guarantee publication.
There following guest post guidelines are advice:
  1. Letters of inquiry or intent to submit guest posts are not required.  You may simply submit your guest post for review and possible publication.
  2. Emailing a list of subjects or an article summary is not necessary; however, it is recommended if you are unsure what to write. However, Teaching & Technology makes no guarantee that an article written about a recommended subject or topic will be published.


The following guest post guidelines must be followed:

  1. Content: Posts must center around education, teaching, and technology.  It may not focus solely on technology; however, it can focus solely on something in the field of education.

    • Need ideas? A review of an app (iPad/iPhone/Android) or a web 2.0 resource would be perfect. You can also check out the tag cloud for inspiration.
    • Want to do something different? Change the format! Use Prezi, YouTube, SoundCloud, Glogster, or an infographic.
    • Unwanted content: General posts of how general technology has changed education, posts so full of buzzwords that the article doesn’t actual say anything, lists without explanations
  2. Audience: The audience for Teaching & Technology is American educators, teachers, students, and parents. It focus primarily on secondary education; however, some elementary and collegiate articles may be published if the content is helpful to secondary education. Please ensure all articles written abroad indicate the relevancy to the American audience (i.e. an article written about a UK or Australian school needs to explain why it is important to US schools).
  3. It cannot be an advertisement disguised as an article (a link or a short 1-2 sentences at the end is fine, but the post cannot be an advertisement masked as an article).
  4. It cannot advocate anything illegal.  It can advocate workarounds for filters, but not advocating anything like cheating or plagiarizing.  This includes links to essay writing services in biographies (I will allow an unlinked statement that says you work for an essay writing service).
  5. The article cannot be published elsewhere in print or online.  This includes minor editing to slightly change the wording.  This is called article marketing and will get both your domain and mine blacklisted from Google.
  6. The article cannot be plagiarized. You cannot take someone else’s work, modify it, and submit it it as your own. If you do want to include images or content from another source, you must cite with a link or a parenthetical reference. And yes, sections of submissions are Googled.
  7. Submissions must be submitted by the bylined name in article. Unbylined articled will denied. Articles with a byline (or bio) with a name different than that of the email account will be denied. If you prefer to publish under a pseudonym, please explain.
  8. Submissions may be accompanied with a short biography with back links to their own personal or professional websites.  However, if these backlinked sites cannot advocate anything illegal or academically dishonest.

When you submit an article for publication, you accept the following conditions:

  1. Teaching & Technology reserves the right to edit your submission as it sees fit, at any time, including minor grammatical errors, removing or adding links, and removing or adding content.
  2. Teaching & Technology reserves the right to remove any link in the article or biography.
  3. Teaching & Technology reserves the right to deny any submitted guest post for whatever reason.
  4. If possible, please post a link to Teaching & Technology or the specific blog post, on your site.  If submission is accepted for publication, Teaching & Technology will email the guest poster the approximate time it will post along with the permalink.
  5. Please keep Teaching & Technology aware of any changes in links or content associated with any of your published guest posts.


Submissions are not being accepted at this time.


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