Guest Post: “Read with Me”- A Handy Schoology Tool

Schoology, the world’s best Learning Management System, brings educators and corporations around the world a collection of highly useful features. The amazing cloud platform has tools for schools that encourage and enhance blended learning. Whether you’re a teacher, student, or an administrative, schoology has a lot to offer through its application center.

read with me

Today, I’ll review the use of this handy-dandy application built by a team of creative teachers and developers.  Tired of endless piles of paperwork while assessing reading skills? Read With Me is the perfect application that will reduce loads of work when it comes to that.

You can finally forget about paper and pencil hassles. Read With me is designed to make life easier for everyone whether you are a teacher, student, or a parent. This brilliant application can be used in numerous ways with iOS 5.1 (or later) devices. This includes iPhone, iPads, and Apple computers.

Read With Me (Schoology App) Features:

  • Fast and accurate calculations of words per minute read, number of errors
  • Easy to share reports to parents, students, and staff
  • Benchmarks tied to National Fluency Norms
  • Bundled assessments for quick administration
  • Stopwatch and one minute countdown options
  • Track miscues across groups and over time
  • Optional comprehension questions with every passage

read with me 2


Read With me is a highly convenient tool for conducting reading assignments and assessing fluency. You can launch new assessments easily from the device. It allows you to manage your classes and assessments from an easy-to-interpret dashboard. The best part is that you can sync two devices by entering a token into any browser.

Read With Me has a built-in library with a collection of reading passages that are sorted in accordance with grade levels. There are three passages per grade level (Grades 1-8, Lexile range 40L to 1270L). If you’re not interested in their library’s collection, you may add your own passages through different with me 3

For children or parents, with eyesight issues, Read With Me allows you to increase text size as per your suitability. Scoring and assessment can be customized allowing you to bring your own guidelines and texts. Make it easy or difficult according to your preferences and the child’s fluency level. However, Read With Me also offers suggestions with concerning fluency assessments. Their grade level benchmarks are based on the national fluency level norms. This allows you to determine whether or not your students are reading at the benchmark levels.

Read With Me assess speed (word per minute) as well as accuracy (percentage). You can share the report with parents and other teacher via email. Students can use the touch technology to record their own videos and watch the videos later for referencing, etc. This is also a great form of automatic feedback, a means for self-assessment for students.

The app is also very child-friendly. Although it is intended to be used with adult supervision, the app is designed to be fitting and appropriate for a child’s unsupervised during the time the adult is preoccupied elsewhere. There are no pop-up advertisements, tabs or links to social media, and there is no direct access to the internet. The children can also choose their own reading passages and set up pages from the homescreen. The online system cannot be used unless a token is provided. This can only be done by an adult.

Read With Me is a brilliant app designed to decrease the work load of teachers. It is not only an assistive monitoring and assessing tools, but also a very efficient one. Unlike the many applications previously built for reading assessment purposes, Read With Me is not that time or energy consuming. You can effortlessly assign your students their reading work without even having to interact with the students directly. The audio and video playback can be used to make evaluations later on.



The app is a must have for all teacher, tutors, and parents who are looking forward to teaching their children or students effective reading. If you factor in the convenience and time saving aspects, this is a very economical and useful tool that can truly make reading fun and easy-to-learn.

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