EducationWeek Free Webinar—Smart Classrooms Need Smart Wi-Fi

I subscribe to EducationWeek. It sends me lots of emails and, unfortunately, most get deleted because I just don’t have the time to read them. Anyone else have this problem with awesome newsletters that you’d love to read but just don’t have enough time for?

I attempted to tackle the growing unread count in my box and maybe read one or two that jumped out at me. One did jump out at me…so much so that I’m passing along the information for a free webinar they mentioned. Please feel free to share your comments if you participated in it.

Smart Classrooms Need Smart Wi-Fi!

Incredibly powerful cloud-based services like Google Apps for Education, Microsoft Office 365, and other popular online tools demand the very best wireless solution. With so much at stake, deploying and managing this critical system must be as simple and reliable as a light switch without eliminating functionality and flexibility. Ruckus Wireless Smart Wi-Fi is the clear choice for simple, reliable, high-performing wireless access in today’s smart classroom.For years, technology use in schools had a limited role, primarily as a supplemental tool, sometimes only for computer science or word processing by students to type reports. Today, mobile technology access in schools is critical for educators and students to meet the most basic teaching and learning requirements. State standards like common-core online assessments mandate access to connected devices. Whether it’s Chromebooks, iPads, Windows laptops, or smartphones they all share the need for reliable high-performing wireless access.


Erik Heinrich, national education manager, Ruckus Wireless; former director of technology infrastructure, San Francisco Unified School District, Calif.

This webinar will be moderated by GT Hill, director of technical corporate marketing, Ruckus Wireless

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Thursday, Jan. 22, 2015, 2 to 3 p.m. ET

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Guest Post: Chromebooks in the Educational World

Guest Post By: Elizabeth A. Halsted

Chromebooks in the educational world give a best possible solution to students, teachers, and administrators for quick, intuitive, and user-friendly computing. Teachers spend more time in teaching and quite less in managing the classroom technology by using the quick and secure Chromebooks. Moreover, schools can now easily install more computers for their students as well as their teachers.

However, this article will make a clear understanding about the Chromebooks. In doing so, the current article will highlight the work of Chromebooks and also the different features that make them attractive to the Education market. It will also discuss its major advantages.

Why Chromebooks?

Chromebooks make ease the processes of teaching and learning devoid of the interference of technological challenging issues. They boot just within seconds and restart right away, removing the normal downtime squandered while out-dated computers turn on and connect to a network. Chromebooks have long life battery feature. Another feature of Chromebooks is that they easily connect with built-in Wi-Fi and 4G technologies, anytime and anywhere, and in fact students can carry on their study even after school trimmings. All the applications, such as the homework are kept in the cloud, and therefore more than a few students can employ a single Chromebook easily.

Moreover, as far as the cost of Chromebooks is concerned, they are not very expensive. They are very secure in every aspect. Indeed, they have safe and sound features related to its operating system (OS). Thus, only its security features are its best-selling reasons.

An interesting thing here is that no certain training is required for it, if you have the appropriate knowledge about its usage.

Administrators in schools can easily update or modify settings for the complete set of Chromebooks, they just need to use a few clicks. The operating system and applications are fresh due to seamless updates, so this technology continues to ameliorate and get faster with the passage of time. There is no any need for tiresome backups, migration of data, security patches or re-imaging. They also run Google Chrome that indicates the computer system, user, as well as network are also secured devoid of any maintenance manually.

Chromebooks are especially designed for the web. Therefore, they can flawlessly access all the apps of Google, all the output and collaboration tools free for schools. The flash-based educational tools are also run by Chromebooks.

Fabulous Features of Chromebooks to the Education Market

Fool-proof Security: Unless they are integrated with dynamic firewalls, anti-virus and anti-malware software programs, and filesystem encryption, other operating systems and mobile platforms are unsecured. In fact, these are not the requirement of Chromebooks. The operating system of a Chromebook has the ability to resist viruses. No firewall is required as no network-available attack surface is there. No one can read your files, so, filesystem encryption is not required.

Small size with light weight: Available in 11 or 12 inches generally with three pounds weight, so the size and weight of Chromebooks makes them an ideal product for students as they can easily carry a lightweight device, getting rid of books load.

User-Friendly: Chromebook is completely a user-friendly device. Students can use it exactly as they use a browser. As a student, if you use the browser on your computer, you have already the expertise of Chromebooks. In fact, you do not have to learn new applications. The fact is that you do not need to install antivirus software, or any other anti-malware protection program on your Chromebook that is always a headache for users of Windows. This is obviously not a single communication way: the OS was designed by Google to be as safe as possible.

Web-Based Applications: Everything is based on the web and that’s why, students cannot install any software onto their Chromebooks. It makes the Chromebook active and harmless to use. Students and teachers do not frustrate while using it. It is so easy and simple to click a single app on your Chromebook than installing a certain application on 20 computer systems in a classroom.

Wireless Networking: The wireless networking is one of the splendid features of a Chromebook. A user can effortlessly attach his/her system to any wireless network, whether it is secured or non-secured, with just simple clicks. There are also some Chromebooks that are available with integral wired networking ports. It enhances the bandwidth of the network.

Built-in Multimedia with Video Conferencing Service: Multimedia is another feature of Chromebook, which includes hi-fi speakers, a sharp camera, and headsets/ear buds ports. USB ports for multimedia devices are also built-in. Video conferencing is an amazing attribute through which a Google user can benefit of Google Hangouts. The service of video conferencing works on the Chromebook so well.

Chromebooks make sense for education in terms of economic and security-wise. For educational world, Chromebooks among the Google Apps and sophisticated networking from Extreme Networks are developing a more personalized education atmosphere.


Author Bio:

Elizabeth A. Halsted is a professional writer associated with Done Research Paper. Her responsibility is to provide maximum and authentic information to the readers. She also assists students to complete their writing projects.