Finished Shakespeare’s The Tempest

Working in double time, downing some Diet Pepsi, RedBull, and more Diet Pepsi, I got through reading Shakespeare’s The Tempest about an hour ago.  I felt like a narcoleptic constantly falling asleep!  It was rather boring, lots of dialogue to explain a rather uninteresting plot that is out of chronological order. After finishing it, I thought “who cares”?

I don’t really care about the story of a guy who’s brother ousted him as Duke of Milan because the guy was too busy reading about magic and neglecting his duties.  He deserved it.  But the guy boo-hoos and and raises his daughter on an island where the only human she’s known is her dad – yet she speaks amazingly well (okay, okay, I have to allow some disbelief in his plays, but that just bothered me).  And lo and behold, some fifteen years later the guy has the chance to exact revenge.  But its rather haphazardly done, and all due to magic and his slaved nymphs or something.  Of course the second the daughter meets the son of the King of Napes, she falls in love with him.  How does she even know love?  How can she decide he’s the man she wants to be with forever when she’s literally only had one other human in her life?

I think my issue with The Tempest was the suspension of belief was too great – I just couldn’t engage in the story or believe it enough to care.

Sleeping, preparing meals/eating, showering, breaks, family obligations, doctor appointments, errands, and other Things Involved in Daily Life NOT INCLUDED.  Caffeine sold separately.  Upgrade of adding more hours to the day – not available/not compatible.  Eligible when time travel is invented and is reliable.


Continue crash sequence….

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