Announcement: Teaching & Technology’s Resource List is now on Tumblr!

Just recently I tried to update one of my Diigo resource lists and found they have discontinued them! It was rather disappointing to find out that I could no longer add to these lists. They are still viewable, but I cannot add to them.

Instead, Diigo introduced this new technology called Outliner. It seems rather silly. When you bookmark a link, you can save it to a specific Outliner and then create bullet points…like an outline. But the problem is, is that the list looks like my word processing documents did 10 years ago. Plain and boring. The technology is great for collaboration and research projects…not so much for my resource lists. This is mostly due to the fact that I was unable to public show the Outliner without it being editable. I was also disappointed that while I could upgrade my lists to Outliners, with a free account I was only allowed 5 Outliners as opposed to unlimited lists.

What was I to do? I have tens of links that are meant to help teachers and students find specific resources. I needed a tagging system that easily publishes links. Eventually, I settled on Tumblr. I know this isn’t a perfect solution because the lists were just so perfect, but hopefully, it will work for you. You may just have to search the Tumblr for a #writing resource or #blog to follow.

I’m also able to post links to the blog posts as they publish on Tumblr. So feel free to follow and reblog.

You can always find a link to the resources on Tumblr from the main menu. Go to Resources > Tumblr Bookmarks. There is also a link on the right side of every page with social media links. It now includes Tumblr. Lastly, there is a link on the ol’ contact page.

If you have an education or education technology Tumblr, feel free to leave the username in the space below.

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