Facebook is great for connecting people together.  But some people are a bit wary of friending their parents, let alone their teacher.  LinkedIn is a great social networking site for professional networking…and Edmodo is a great social networking site for education.

I’ve been using Edmodo a bit during my long-term guest teaching position these last few months.  It has been helpful for connecting with students.  Since I’ve been logging in under the teacher I’ve been guest teaching for, I haven’t done too much, but I’ve talked with students.  They love the fact that teachers can post PDFs on its library, that they can message their teachers or other students in their class without needed to give out phone numbers, and that they don’t need to write reminders down because teachers post reminders.

Edmodo is free and lets you register as teacher, student, parent, or administrator.  Teachers create groups in which students can join via link or secure code given by the teacher.  Once students are in the groups, teachers can post notes, alerts, polls, quizzes, and assignments to one or more groups as well as individual students.

Besides groups, teachers can join communities according to subject matter.  This connects teachers to others through the entire Edmodo network in order to share content, ideas, or to simply brainstorm.

Also, teachers can install certain apps to their Edmodo for use with students.  For example, Subtext, can be used through Edmodo.  Teachers can share content, annotate it, or see students’ annotations.  Subtext also works with iPads as well.  And speaking of iPads, Edmodo has free apps for the iPad,  iPhone, and on Google Play.

Students have not complained to me about Edmodo and neither have any of the teachers I know who use it.  However, just like with all technologies, students who do not have access to internet at home or on a mobile device may find Edmodo to be a bit of an issue.

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