Tutoring 2.0

There is a plethora of resources available on the internet to help you or your child succeed in their education.  However, there are some cases in which you may find you still need a face-to-face tutor.  Perhaps you have no idea where to find the resources online that work for you.  It is completely understandable that with such a sea of resources being able to pinpoint the ones you actually need can be difficult.  And some times, you can search for hours on Google to find an answer that a person could have explained to you in 10 minutes.  So in this digital, technology-fused age, where do you find a tutor?  You could try calling the local high school and find out who is on their tutor list.  However, that’s really an “old-school” method.  There are plenty of tutoring websites to connect you with local tutors. is the best tutoring website.  Why?  It doesn’t require that it be the middle man.  Students pay the tutors directly, not through the website.  So what does it do?  It let’s tutors put up a profile on the website that basically says, “hey, I live here and I tutor in these subjects.  I charge this amount.  Here’s some cool facts about me to see if we may click.”  Tutors can pay a subscription charge for a “premium listing”, but I used the site for two years and never needed a premium listing.  Students search the site and then contact tutors initially through the site.  An email gets sent to the tutor and then after that, the student and tutor can connect using whichever method of communication he or she prefers.

Don’t get fooled by the titled of the site; it’s not for university students, nor are the tutors university students.  I’ve tutored students from the 6th grade through middle-aged adults.  I’ve received emails for students as young as a couple of months old!  I specialize in secondary education, thus I turned those inquiries down, but the fact of the matter was I received emails frequently.  At one time, I was tutoring 8 students.

You can meet wherever you feel comfortable.  You can invite the tutor to your home.  You can meet at a coffee shop (not my personal recommendation, very distracting and loud), at the library, at a park (not optimal in the winter months in the northern state of Michigan), or anywhere the two parties agree on.  The only caveat I say is with public libraries.  Check their guidelines for tutoring/doing business there.  You may have to be discrete in your payment exchange.

I also recommend the tutor keep a folder that records payments and details what transpired in the session.  It is a good safety measure.  Also, you should draw up a contract, even if it’s a simple one that states who the student is, who the tutor is, what the schedule is, where the tutoring will take place, and how much the tutor is to be paid.  Additionally, the contract should have any other policies the tutor might have such as tardiness, not showing up, or cancelling at the last minute and their penalties.  This way, you are all on the same page. allows students and tutors to connect and tutor how they see fit.  The site doesn’t force students and tutors to fit into their box of payments or certain number of sessions.  It allows students to find tutors in the area without going to great lengths to find them.  It doesn’t involve students signing on to talk to tutors via webcam or using some fancy program that allows tutors and students to share data.  It is tutoring in the digital, technology-fused age in which we live in.  It is tutoring 2.0.

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  1. Thank you Kat Davis for this excellent review. My husband and I are looking for a private tutor for our adult son in Math, and I wish I had read this review of before sending an email to a tutor on Since sending that email I read some reviews about the way operates that I do not like, especially how payment is made for services rendered.

    I particularly appreciated one review that gave both positive and negative feedback of the tutor and the website. The reviewer stated that the tutor was helpful to her student, and that was much appreciated because the tutor was found on However, the website had much to be desired in the way it monitors emails sent to the tutor and how payments are made. As I understand it, the payer of the account does not know the exact amount of any transaction until after the transaction is completed. So, one must trust that the tutor is being honest at all times in her/his recording of each tutoring session.

    I would much rather the tutor directly bill me (indicating what is being billed each time) and I pay the tutor directly. I most definitely like the idea of the tutor keeping more, or better yet all the proceeds from the transaction(s) (as you have indicated happens with

  2. Thank you for your comment. I have been very pleased with and see the pitfalls of some others. If there is anything I can help you with, please let me know.

  3. Thank you so much for the review. I was actually considering applying to be a tutor through this service but was wary since I found its link through craigslist. I was just wondering if you were still working through them and if anything has changed (your opinions of the company, etc). Thanks!

  4. I’m sorry to have missed this comment in the shuffle! I am maxed out on students so I haven’t taken any new students from UniversityTutor in several months; however, if I had more time, I definitely would. I noticed they recently did some updates to their website. Let me know how things are going with UniversityTutor!

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